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NatO Women's Tear Stimulation Dry Eye Drops

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NatO Women’s Tear Stimulation Dry Eye Drops 
Professional Quality - Only Available Via Doctors

Women experience fluctuations and imbalance with hormones regularly which can impact the comfort and dryness of your eyes. This formula is specifically designed for women for this reason. If you experience dry eyes and need a little extra lubrication this homeopathic eye drop is for you!  Tear Stimulation Dry Eye Drops stimulate the production of all three tear film layers.  Includes five broad spectrum ingredients which relive symptoms caused by inflammation due dryness. 

Symptoms include redness, dryness, lachrymation and burning of the lid margin. 

Product description: 
  • No Sting. 
  • Safe for pregnant women & children. 
  • Ok for use with contact lenses in place. 
  • There are no known side effects or drug interactions. 
  • Homeopathic eye drops: Sterile, non-preserved, pH balanced, isotonic ophthalmic solution containing seven homeopathic active ingredients, micro-diluted and homeopathically potentized between 5x and 12x. Size: 15 ml 
Treatment strategy: 
Dry eye is a chronic condition expressed as the body’s inability to produce any of the components of the three film layers or to maintain cell health on the corneal surface. The treatment strategy is to stimulate and support the body’s tissues, organs and functions which produce a healthy tear film and maintain corneal health. It is also recommended the patient should also take adequate amounts of Omega 3s essential fatty acids, keep well hydrated by drinking plenty of water and take good quality nutraceuticals. See Omega-3 selection here. 

Additional Ingredients Specifically for Women: 
Pulsatilla HPUS 8x: Indicated for dry eye associated with hormonal fluctuation, both on a monthly basis or with menopause. 
Sepia HPUS 8x: Indicated for dryness which develops after menopause or hormonal imbalance.

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