Your Questions Answered about Eye Health

Avoid applying makeup to the “inside” lash line. If you like the “look” save it for special occasions but don’t apply it every day. Apply makeup outside the lash line and away from your eye to avoid blocking the oil glands that help protect your eye’s surface.

2. What is eyelid inflammation?

Eyelid inflammation is a common disorder in which eyelids become red, inflamed, accumulate build-up around the edges. It occurs when the tiny oil glands in your inner eyelid produce too much oil, or when there is bacteria found in your eyelashes and brows. It can be uncomfortable but is non-threating to your eyesight.

3. What is the best makeup remover?

Choosing the right makeup removers and knowing basic eye hygiene you can eliminate eyelid inflammation and you can have beautiful healthy younger looking eyes that are comfortable all day!  There are numerous makeup removers on the market and buying makeup removers can be confusing.

Oil Doesn’t Clean

While I recommend “oil-free” I found there are many products labeled “oil-free” but are not actually oil-free. Too many makeup removers contain tea tree oil or coconut oil. What makes choosing makeup removers really confusing are many products are made by doctors so on the “outside” you think these should be “good” products. Unfortunately that isn’t always the case.

Why does oil-free matter?

Without getting too technical, your eyelids have oil glands that regulate tear production. Using oil wreaks havoc with the oil glands in your eyelids and causes inflammation. The oil glands get confused; should they produce oil or not? Should they produce tears or not? When your eye glands get clogged with oils, makeup, pollen, dusts, and pollution you experience dry eye symptoms and eyelid inflammation. Oils don’t clean. You also want to avoid baby shampoo, creams, lotions and any other soaps that appear to be “gentle” but are not designed for your eyes. These two wreak havoc with eyelid oil glands.

Even the best makeup removers only remove 70% of the makeup. It’s having the right products and knowing the right process.

See Dr. Bonnin's True Guide to Eye Makeup Removal & Lash Cleansing here.  

4. How do I get rid of eyelid inflammation?

There are soaps especially designed for cleansing eyelids and lashes. Eyelid cleansing foams remove the remaining 30% of makeup that was left behind from your makeup remover. Eyelashes work hard all day keeping out dirt, dust, pollen, pollution and makeup. But they need your help! Plain water doesn’t clean out makeup residue, pollen, dust, pollution and smoke that is stuck in between lashes, or on the lash line but foaming eyelid cleansers do.

The best eyelid cleansers are foam and are “oil-free” and come in a foam dispenser. Avoid any cleanser that contains tea tree oil. The foam is what lifts and removes the debris from your eyelids, lashes and corners of the eye.

What makes the foam so special? The foaming action is what “lifts” and removes the debris from your eyelids, lashes and corners of the eye. I recommend OcUSOFT’s Lid Scrub Plus Platinum Foaming Cleanser it has anti-inflammatory ingredients which is prefect for daily eyelid cleansing to fight against eyelid inflammation. It is gentle on our eyes. If you already have inflammation you want to use the “Plus Platinum” and the LidHygenix Eyelid Cleanser Foam is excellent for maintenance.

5. I use oil-free makeup remover, how do I know I am getting all my makeup off?

If you wake up in the morning and find gunk in the corner of your eyes you have makeup left over from the night before.
You will feel the debris in your lower eyelid and the corners of your eyes. Under the microscope I can see the makeup building up. If the buildup is significant, the lids may stick together, particularly in the morning upon awakening. Every day you layer on more and more makeup. Your eyelid can only handle so much debris before inflammation flares up. The buildup of makeup causes infections and eyelid inflammation.

Vitamin C Micellar Cleansing Water isn’t just plain water with vitamin C in it. Micellar cleansing water is made up of tiny balls of cleansing molecules suspended in soft water. Those micelles attach to the dirt and oil and draw out the last bits and particles of makeup leaving your eyes invigorated. One bottle will last you a year. You will notice that you have stopped rubbing your eyes because your eyelids are no longer feeling dried out, itchy, gritty and miserable. When your eyes are clean and moisturized you will spend less time in my office. This type of eye irritation is completely preventable and in your control.

6. I like to use wipes are they just as good as liquid?

I agree wipes are fast and convenient but they’re not very effective at removing debris particles. Fast and convenient isn’t always the most effective process. The “foaming” actions of the eyelid cleansers work more effectively than wipes. Wipes can be used when traveling or when you need to remove makeup quickly for example before going to a yoga class. This is better than sweating and letting it melt all over your eyes. When you get home from your trip or yoga class you want to pull out the good stuff – your Dr. Bonnin approved makeup remover and eyelid foam cleanser for the ultimate eyelid and lash cleansing.  See his True Guide to Eye Makeup Removal & Lash Cleansing here.  

7. How Can I repair broken or missing eyelashes?

Eyelid inflammation also causes eyelashes to break and fallout causing you to look old and unhealthy. Clogged oil glands prevent lashes from growing back. After properly cleaning lashes you can condition lashes to strengthen and grow back. You moisturize your skin and hair because the environment is tough on them.  Skin and hair get dried out and brittle.  Makeup, lash extensions, pollen and pollution are all tough on eyelids and lashes. Eyelashes get dried out and brittle just like the hair on your head. Eyelash conditioning products protect and enhance your eyelashes helping you to maintain your youthful appearance. Here are a few eyelash conditioning tips:

  • Use a lash primer that conditions lashes before you put on mascara. It also holds the mascara on and prevents it from flaking into your eyelid margin.
  • Use lash enhancement serums designed specifically for eyelashes to regrow and repair broken lashes. I recommend RevitaLash. I’ve seen the results it is truly amazing.
  • Use Retaine Liposome Spray – yes I said spray. Spray on “conditioner” to moisturize and condition eyelids and lashes to dryness.

8. Sometimes I’m too tired to remove my makeup, is it ok to sleep in it?

Don’t sleep in eye makeup. Sleeping in makeup is literally a dirty habit!  Your eyes need to rest at night. When you sleep in your makeup your eyes are in overdrive cleaning all night long.  Sleeping in makeup leaves your eyes inflamed. Take the time to completely remove makeup using my proven process. See Dr. Bonnin's True Guide to Eye Makeup Removal & Lash Cleansing here.  You want your eyes to recover while sleeping so you wake looking refreshed. Inflammation also increases the signs of aging. Eliminate inflammation and remove makeup and makeup residue and you will look younger and healthier every morning!

9. I wear lash extensions; do I need to still clean them?

Yes! Avoid products containing oil. Oils don’t clean, in fact the oils in eye makeup remover or eyelid foam will break down the adhesive on your extensions. I recommend Xtreme Eye Makeup Remover, which is designed for eyelash extensions. I know when you Google this you will find “use baby shampoo”. Please don’t. While it is gentle for a baby it is not designed for your eyes. The trick with extensions is the motion you use. You want to use an up-and-down motion with your fingertips verses a side-to-side motion, which can tug, break or loosen extensions. Cotton pads tend to leave cotton fibers behind in lashes so fingertips are recommended. Cleansing wipes can also be harsh on extensions. You want to follow the same rules for natural eyelashes and be sure to use the eyelid and lash cleansing foam to remove bacteria and debris from your lash lines. This will extend the life of you extensions and keep your eyes healthy and looking beautiful. Lastly, dry your extensions naturally. Let them air dry to prevent breakage.

10. Is there anything else I can do to eliminate the scratchy, irritated, swollen eyelids?

Yes. Your eyes need water. For eyes to be naturally beautiful and youthful they need hydration and eye nutrients. Hydrate your eyes in three ways.

    • Eye Vitamins: This includes proper vitamins for your eyes that include Lutein and Zeaxanthin. Not just any onea-day vitamin or eye drops will do. Remember you only get one pair of eyes.
    • Artificial Tears: If you have any kind of inflammation you will want to use the Retaine MGD Ophthalmic Emulsion Tears it is a much thicker viscosity giving you longer lasting comfort. The single dose vials are easy to carry around.
    • Drink Water: yes eyes need real water – not vitamin water, not flavored water, not water with lemon, but honest to goodness plain water.

Proper hydration from both the inside and outside keeps eyes lubricated and hydrated for everyday comfort and beauty.

11. What is the makeup removal routine you recommend?

The dentists have done a fantastic job at educating us about oral hygiene unfortunately eye doctors have not done so well at the “eye hygiene” routine. Eye hygiene is fairly simple, like dental and skin care, it is a matter of making it a routine. It’s a routine that includes removing the makeup, cleansing the eyelids and lashes, conditioning and repairing eyelids and lashes and hydrating eyes. Click here for the True Guide to Eye Makeup Removal & Lash Cleansing.


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