Women: Shocking Revelation!  It’s Your Makeup 

Itchy, scratchy, red, irritated, eyes? Maybe it’s chronic Dry Eye Syndrome. Or Demodex. Or Blepharitis. Or Allergies. Or…or…or… The truth is, it’s probably caused by your eye makeup. No kidding. 

Eye makeup can get in the way of the eye’s ability to cleanse itself – even if you remove it every night. Here’s why: 
• Eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara and eyebrow pencils build up. Most makeup removers can’t remove all your makeup and leave residue and oils on your eyes. 
• When irritants such as dust, dirt and pollen hit the makeup (or even makeup reside) they stick to it. It all sticks on your eyebrows, eyelids, and eyelashes. This gunk sticks between your eyelashes like mortar in between bricks. You can’t see it, but you can feel it. And it gets in your eyes and eventually onto your contact lenses. 
• By the end of the day, your makeup is dark and heavy and your eyes look tired. They look tired because they are tired. Your lids and lashes (a big part of nature’s self-cleansing system) are tired of trying to clean the debris and not keeping up. Your eyes feel gritty, irritated, and scratchy. 
 And here’s the scary little thing most women don’t know: 
• Most makeup removers remove only 71% of your eye makeup. 
• This “leftover 29%” of your makeup builds up day after day and finds its way into your eyes causing irritation and inflammation. 
• You notice bits of “gunk” at the corners of your eyes in the morning. The corners are sometimes called the “garbage cans of the eye”. Your eyes will not be clean and healthy until you remove 100% of your makeup each night. Here’s how to do it. 

Itchy Eye Care & Makeup Plan For Women 

If you want to have fewer “itchy, scratchy, red, watery, eye days”, follow this simple regimen: 
 Remove – Cleanse – Hydrate 

Remove 100% Of Your Eye Makeup 
Daily Avoid Makeup and Removers With Oil. This includes coconut oil, baby oil and tea tree oil. Oils wreak havoc with the oil glands in your eyelids and cause inflammation. Oils are hard to remove. Also avoid baby shampoo, creams, lotions and other soaps that appear to be “gentle” but are not designed for your eyes. 

Use a truly safe, oil-free alcohol-free makeup remover like: Derma E Micellar Cleansing Water 
  • Using the magic of “micelles”, tiny, round molecules with one end attracted to oil, and the other end attracted to water - make-up, oil, dirt and grime, are gently, quickly and easily removed without the need for rinsing. These “micelles” attach to the dirt and oil and draw out the last bits of makeup and residue leaving your eyes invigorated. Completely cleaning your eyes of makeup significantly reduces the risk of eyelid inflammation. 
  • Try This Q-Tip® Test In the morning, dip a Q-Tip in Micellar water. Dab gently at the corners of your eye. You’ll notice that even when you think you got all your makeup off, there’s still some left behind. 
 Cleanse Gently But Thoroughly 
  • The best eyelid cleansers are oil free foams that come in a foamer dispenser. The foaming action “lifts” and removes the debris from your eyelids and lashes and the corners of your eye. To prevent eyelid inflammation, I recommend you wash eyelids and lashes morning and night with LidHygenix Eyelid Foaming Cleanser. It’s perfect for daily, gentle eyelid cleansing. It works better than plain water and will not harm your eyes like other soaps – even baby shampoo. 
• Apply Retaine MGD Emulsion Artificial Tears. With a thicker formula than most artificial tears, Retaine gives you longer lasting comfort. Designed for dry eye symptoms.
Hydrate from the inside out. Drink 8 glasses of water each day. Eyes need hydration too. Comes in convenient single-use vials to eliminate the possibility of contamination and can be used as needed through¬out the day. 

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