How to Get Custom Fit Computer Glasses?

Single vision computer glasses eliminate all the fussing around, the neck pain and fatigue when you get your computer glasses customer fitted. When you do you will never wear anything else again while working on your computer.

Here how it works.

The doctor writes you a prescription for the “intermediate” distance and you have a pair of glasses made with that specific prescription. To get a “custom fit” you want to measure how far your chair is from your monitor. How far are you eyes from your computer monitor? Using a tape measure you sit comfortably in your chair like you always do and string out the tape measure to the monitor. Notice the measurement. It could be for example 26”. This is where the magic happens. Take the measurement into your optometrist who will adjust your computer glasses prescription with this measurement for a custom fit.

Custom computer glasses eliminate the frustration of searching for just the right place in your glasses to see the computer. They will be comfortable right from the start, no more sore neck and back. You will be able to spend more time working, gaming, surfing the Internet or whatever you like to do on your computer.

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