Can a Hat Really Keep You Cool?
Dr. Bonnin was skeptical.  He liked to wear his favorite black cotton cap out hiking until one day he ripped it off his head because he thought his head was going to explode from the heat!  We put this Alchemi Sun Hat on him and his is smiling because no more sweat running down his face and no more red face from heat.  The Alchemi River Hat boasts a 800 UPF factor!  It reflects the sun and keeps you cool, cooler than any hat you have in your closet!  It blocks 99.8% of skin damaging UV rays.  

He still gets "hat hair"! Sorry there isn't much we can do for that.  The ultimate in sun and eye protection, the Alchemi River Hat.  Get one today!  You will hike, walk, or do whatever you do outside longer because your are cool and comfortable! 

See you on the trail! 

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